Palazzo Cucchiari

The exhibition takes place on the first two floors of Palazzo Cucchiari, which is open to the public for the first time. Palazzo Cucchiari, the head office of the Giorgio Conti Foundation, is a sumptuous nineteenth-century residence that has been used an exhibition space since 2015, after a long process of renovation.

Palazzo Cucchiari, a majestic 19th century residence, was designed by Leandro Caselli, the man who re-created the face of modern Carrara.

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  • Colori e forme del lavoro – from Signorini and Fattori to Pellizza Da Volpedo and Balla
    From 16 June to 21 October


    Colori e forme del lavoro - da Signorini e Fattori a Pellizza Da Volpedo e Balla

    Odoardo Borrani (1833-1905) “Renaioli sul Mugnone”
    Plinio Nomellini ( 1866-1943) “Mattonai”
    Giacomo Balla (1871-1958) “Contadino”

    Colours and forms of the work: paintings and sculptures of artists who, following The Unity of Italy, represent history with new figures, therefore the protagonists are no longer heroes, poets and saints, but rather common people performing daily tasks, especially while working, in fields and workshops or at home and in shops, but also amidst suffering and misery resulting from the lack of work.

    Adolfo Tommasi (1851- 1933) “Due boscaiole a riposo”
    Egisto Ferroni (1835-1912) “Il gomitolo”
    Giuseppe Pellizza Da Volpedo (1868-1907) Disegno per la figura maschile centrale del “Quarto stato”

    curated by
    Massimo Bertozzi – Ettore Spalletti


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